Half-drunk and giddy

I’m planning on making this election night memorable. I wonder if this will become one of those moments, like when JFK was assassinated, or 9/11, where everyone knows exactly where they were when it happened.

Anyway, I’m getting the European view of the election right now, with a Frenchman and some Bulgarians, and we’re all unanimously pro-Obama. From what we’ve heard, from friends and family abroad, everyone else in the world is, too. GEE I WONDER WHY.


Journalist Porn

That’s what election night coverage is, and I can’t deny that I get a little bit of a nerd hard-on for sitting down with a beer and glueing myself to live TV and, this year, blog coverage.

But if Obama has to give a concession speech in the wee hours, I’m going to cry. Seriously. I haven’t cried in a long time, but I’ll weep like a child if he loses.

Election Day

Voting is sexy. Unless you’re voting for John McCain.

It’s in the contract

My wife buys me Lucky Charms because she knows it’s a condition of my love.

For those of you who don’t get it

In tonight’s Writing for the Web class we were asked to find a YouTube video, embed it and write about it.

Unfortunately, we were told not to come up with any 2girls1cup or Rick Rolls, so instead I picked a video that details, in simple language, the electoral process for the U.S. presidency, titled Electing a US President in Plain English.

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I’ve been a little busy lately, and blogging has taken sort of a back seat to real-life stuff, but this isn’t going to be a “sorry for not blogging!” post. Instead I’ll spend the time catching people up on what’s been going on.

Ivona, my wife, moved up to Amherst a couple days earlier than expected, last Monday; she had been working on Martha’s Vineyard after I left, and I was going back every weekend to work. Now we’re up here full-time and starting to settle into our apartment (read: now that she’s here I have to get my shit together and actually live like a real human being). It’s pretty exciting for us, as it’s the first place we’ve lived together that is completely ours and we are financially independent of everyone for the first time together. It’s a little scary, and spending hours upon hours in Bed, Bath & Beyond, the mall and mattress stores is a little tiring, but after much time putting together Ikea furniture and sorting through boxes, we’re getting there.

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Another election…

Another substanceless debate.

Don’t get me wrong, I watched it, and I like to watch the debates, but I’m not an “undecided voter,” and I know I’m watching the debate to see my candidate stomp the other candidate. John McCain is not going to impress me enough at this point to earn my vote, and I don’t watch it to find out what his platform is.

I also don’t expect politicians to stay on topic or answer questions completely, but this debate more than any other left me disappointed for many reasons; it was tame, uninteresting posturing, and at least in other debates I’ve seen they brush upon the subject they’re supposed to be talking about.

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